what portraits and headshots i've been doing lately, and family stuff.

I’ve been spending so much wonderful time photographing portraits and headshots around Northampton. So much time that I’ve been neglecting to post them on social media, or here.

First and foremost, my son has graduated high school. And he’ll be studying at Architecture Art and Planning at Cornell. I’m wildly excited for him and have been counting on him since day one to ‘save’ the world. But first, our trip to LA, and some prom pictures.

There are no words.

There are no words.


I did corporate headshots for a whole office at The ICA Group, samples chosen randomly:


Even before this I photographed Ivan Oransky, VP Editorial of Medscape. This might be obvious due to the 3D quality and wonderful range, that this was taken with my vintage Hasselblad, developed by hand, and then digitized for your viewing pleasure:


There was the portrait of Lillian Fuchs, my dear college friend, on a red bridge at Smith College.

Jennifer Rosner , author
And here,  Carla Savetsky

And here, Carla Savetsky

Did I mention my son went to prom?

Did I mention my son went to prom?

I photographed a very important wedding in Boston:

Then there was my full time job: Little League.

Then there was my full time job: Little League.