Think Spring Pictures

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children’s pictures in spring

For years and years, I photographed the Hamilton Park Montessori school pictures in Jersey City. I lived right across the street from the school, in a charming brownstone in an historical neighborhood. I was in close contact with the school administrators as the exact date of the pictures was always a little iffy. Why? Because I took the pictures outside, and during the peak blossom season in the park.

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School pictures

to order or not to order

School pictures, order now or forever hold your peace

It’s something that has sort of fallen out of fashion, those school photos with the generic backgrounds and kids with hairstyles combed so perfectly you barely recognize your own child. I for one treasure prints of my kids. In fact, I order prints of my past year’s phone and camera pictures at the end of each year as a holiday gift to myself.

My son goes to a private school, and I am told that beyond the sitting fee, hardly anyone orders prints. What? All the pictures I’ve ever taken for schools, I always require parents to order prints. I know, not fair, but they’ll thank me later.

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When you miss the blossoms

For years as I’ve mentioned, I coordinated with the school to get the perfect pictures while the apple blossoms, cherry blossoms and dogwoods were blooming in all of their glory. I even called the sessions Blossoms. One year, though, we missed the boat. I don’t recall why. Maybe it was a bad year for blossoms. Maybe the school had scheduling issues. Maybe I did. But in lieu of blossoms, we purchased some potted flowers. Below you can see the results….. Enjoy!

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